Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals

The Rector welcomes enquiries about baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Speak to the Rector, or for more information.

Baptism is joining the Christian family, it is how one becomes a Christian. It is a simple ritual using water, oil and a form of words. All are invited to be baptised and it is preceded by finding out more about the Christian faith.

Marriage is a great gift of God, the marriage vows help a couple live well together and it can help children to grow up in a secure environment (though the most mportant thing for living well and growing up well is love). Weddings are usually conducted in the Church, according to the modern or traditional forms of the Scottish Episcopalian Wedding Service. People who have been divorced and same-sex couples may be married in Scottish Episcopal Churches. At least one of the couple planning to marry at Holy Cross must be a Baptised Christian.

Services are conducted by the Rector according to the Scottish Episcopalian funeral rite. The cremated remains of departed members of the congregation may be interred in the Holy Cross Garden of Remembrance.

‘We Scottish Episcopalians have a long history of praying for the Christian departed. Our practice is founded on the teaching of the Bible and Christian practice from the early days of the Church, as attested to by the Church Fathers. We pray for them particularly at every Eucharist, but also at every funeral.’ This short paper by our former Rector explains why we pray for the dead, and why we have a long tradition of doing so: Praying for the Christian Departed in Scottish Episcopacy (.pdf)

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