From the Interim Pastor


March 2019


When I was thinking about Lent this year I realised that we normally recommend spiritual reading of some description.

I, like you, have read many good books at Lent. This Lent, as well as a book on spirituality, I am suggesting reading a thought-provoking novel.

Hopefully both will challenge how we see the world. To this end I have suggested four novels and four traditional Lent reads.

The idea is to pick one from the first list and one from the second. I am not going to write anything about the books as there are many online reviews and you can decide from those which two books are for you. You may also during Lent want to discuss with others who have chosen the same books.

I have tried to pick novels that reveal something of the human condition.


  • The Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Wolfe
  • Canada Richard Ford
  • Alone In Berlin (Every Man Dies Alone) Hans Fallada
  • Winter in Madrid C.J. Sansom

I have chosen different books from a wide area. Hopefully something for everyone.


  • Mozart: Traces of Transcendence Hans Kung
  • George Herbert Poems: There are several different collections
  • Sadhana Anthony de Mello
  • Let me go there Paula Gooder

Tim Tunley


Vacancy Committee Report

After a prolonged absence, it is always difficult to catch up on events which happened while away. I am trying to be ‘on the case’!

We are most fortunate to have a Vacancy Committee working closely with the Vestry and putting a lot of effort into finding a replacement Rector for Holy Cross.

The first plenary meeting took place recently with another due in a fortnight’s time; we are looking at the Congregation’s Profile, our ‘Vision’ and Personal Specifications for the new Rector. Progress is being made on all these documents with useful comments being taken into account and alterations to the texts made accordingly.

We welcome comments and take all views and opinions most seriously.

The board as you enter the church on the right is for that purpose.

Do keep your ideas and suggestions coming – we need them!

Nicole Elvin, Vestry Secretary 



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