From the Rector

Holy Cross Christingle Service

December 2018/January 2019

From the Interim Pastor

A Christmas at Sea

Last year I was giving a talk at a local speaker’s club about The Mission to Seafarers. After the talk a man came up to me holding what looked like a small envelope. He passed the envelope to me and I noticed that it was, in fact, a sewing kit. On the flap was our society’s old logo from when we were called Mission to Seamen. He told me his story.

In the early 1950s, at the age of 16, after completing his basic training, he had gone to sea. He could not remember exactly where his ship was docked at Christmas time, but he did remember that he received no cards or presents because the mail had not got through due to bad weather. He felt very low and alone, a boy in the world of men, away from home for the first time on Christmas Day.

He had been given the sewing kit by the Chaplain of Mission to Seamen. He told me how that Chaplain’s visit made all the difference to his life at sea and how he no longer felt alone. The Chaplain spent time with him and the rest of the crew and showed that there was someone who cared.

This Christmas, Mission to Seafarers will be working again with young and old seafarers. This Christmas The Mission to Seafarers Scotland Chaplain will be visiting Scottish ports. Other Chaplains around the world will be visiting ships and trying to make sure that anyone who is a long way from home feels that someone cares for them.

The Mission to Seafarers always appreciates your support and your prayers. This Christmas please remember those at sea who are a long way from home and those who seek to care for them.

Tim Tunley

The preacher on Sunday 30th December will be David Graham-Service from Mission to Seafarers.



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