Rector Vacancy

April 2019

Vacancy Committee Report

I am very pleased to report that the Parish Profile documents are now complete due to a lot of hard work by the Vacancy Committee, and the first draft has been forwarded to the Dean of the Diocese, the Very Rev. Frances Burberry, and to Bishop John.

The process continues when the draft is returned to us for incorporation of any changes and additions that the Dean and the Bishop would like to have included. When this has been done we will then be able to advertise our vacancy which will probably be in the Church Times, as well as on our website and that of the Diocese.

We hope that there will be a good response to our advertisement, giving us the opportunity to look at a number of potential recruits, with interviews being held in a fairly short timescale. Assuming that an appointment is made then, it is possible that a new Rector would be inducted sometime in September.

The whole process seems rather cumbersome, and it has involved a lot of the congregation in the preparations for filling the vacancy. But it has also been obvious to me and other members of the Vestry that the whole congregation has pulled together during this time, with people taking on extra duties to help cover the absence of a Rector, and of course the benefits we have enjoyed by having a lot of different visiting priests presiding at our services. Not all vacant churches have been able to fill every Sunday in this way, so we have been fortunate to have good contacts in enabling us to achieve this.

Not everyone welcomes change, of course, but it is the one thing that is inevitable in life as well as in changes of incumbent in churches. It can be a challenge, but also an opportunity to discover new ways of worshipping and being open to a different way of being church. My prayer for us all is that we will find the person who will lead us on a new part of our journey together in a way that is spiritually enriching and exciting!

Finally, thank you for all the support that you have given to the Vestry, Vacancy Committee and those of us who have been doing our best to keep things going. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to do so, but we look forward to passing on some of that responsibility to our new Rector in the autumn.

Kate Hilton, Vacancy Committee



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