Stonework Appeal

Holy Cross Church, Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh


At 105 years old, Holy Cross Church is in need of significant repair work. Water is penetrating the stonework and damaging the structure, outside and in. Without repair, the building is at serious risk of crumbling away.

Restoration will include extensive repair of the coping stones on all gable walls, new lead and zinc flashing, and repointing external and internal walls, with scaffolding required throughout. View a photo gallery of progress and follow @HolyCrossEdin on Twitter for the latest news.

Thanks to our funders

The cost of the restoration has been estimated at approximately £100,000.

We are blessed with fabulous Holy Cross members and friends who have been working hard to raise these funds, from applying for grants to making personal donations. One congregation member has raised over £900 through the sales of her book of poetry!

We are delighted that our applications for support have been accepted by the following organisations. Their generous grants will pay for the stonework repairs described by professionals as ‘essential’ and ‘advisable’:

WREN is our largest funder; it is a not-for-profit business ‘that awards grants for community, biodiversity and heritage projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

As well as the essential work, we would like to take action to preserve the future condition of the building, including the treasured stained glass windows. For this to happen, we need your help!

Protect your treasured landmark

Holy Cross has been at the heart of Davidson’s Mains for over a century. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people enjoy seeing the church and grounds every day as they pass by on their way to work, school or the shops. It’s a picturesque haven of tranquility, and the backdrop to daily life in busy Quality Street.

Inside, the church has a calm, prayerful atmosphere, treasured by our congregation and others who worship here. People often comment on its beautiful stonework and its stained glass windows. It’s the venue for occasional concerts, the place where many have been baptised or married, and the home of packed family Christingle services.  Read more…

Sending out an SOS!

How can you help? Any contribution, no matter how small, will be very much appreciated – from simply spreading the word about our appeal using the hashtag #SaveOurStonework, to raising funds or making a donation via our  Virgin Money Giving page.

Tell us about your fundraising activities so that we can thank you and help to spread the word! Email or tweet us @HolyCrossEdin 

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